Our innovative products incorporate advanced technology and deliver a range of key benefits

The Aisle Master range is produced by Combilift, the acknowledged world leader in the design and manufacture of safe, space saving and innovative handling solutions for long loads, pallets and containers. The company used its expertise and experience to develop the articulated VNA Aisle Masters to enable maximum storage capacity and reduced operating costs.

Designed to replace a number of other forklifts for more efficient offloading, handling and storage, a versatile Aisle Master VNA articulated forklift works as a counterbalance truck for offloading in the yard, taking loads directly to indoor racking.

Ability to lift up to 15m

With a mast range from 4300mm up to 15000mm and lift capacity of 1.5 tonnes a compact, manoeuvrable Aisle Master VNA truck is perfect for high density warehouses where efficiency is key. Options like fork length, overhead guard, ground speed, rear tyre size and operator cab features can also be tailored to meet exacting needs.

Ability to work in Aisles as narrow as 1.6m

Manage loads in even the smallest spaces from a well-optimised narrow aisle warehouse to smaller warehouses spaces where heavy stock must be moved from every nook and cranny of available space. Plus, superb visibility adds operator confidence, performance and safety, with these factors combining to decrease product and racking damage.

Driver Performance
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Driver comfort and safety

Driver comfort and safety comes as standard: enhanced cabin ergonomics means a better operator experience and reduced downtime. Purpose-build to satisfy the operator’s productivity needs – superior ergonomics, safety, ease of movement and stability – an Aisle Master VNA articulated forklift is built for warehouse performance by providing the ultimate in driver satisfaction.

Available in electric and LPG powered models, the articulated design offers unbeatable usability, faster load cycle times and reduced driver fatigue.


Built to with-stand heavy duty use inside and out with superior ergonomics & visibility

Cold Storage

Aisle Master’s cold store model keeps you warm and productive in a cold climate. After all, the cost of cold store and temperature controlled warehousing operations is much higher than that of ambient warehousing, making space saving more crucial than ever. Collaboration with some of the major names in the industry resulted in a model developed specifically for this sector’s exacting requirements whilst guaranteeing optimum storage density. The fully enclosed, high visibility cab keeps drivers warm, reducing the time needed for breaks and increasing productivity.

Power Options

Aisle Master is acknowledged as the pioneer of LPG power in the articulated forklift sector for clean, continuous indoor or outdoor operation. Aisle Masters trucks are fitted with a closed loop fuel system as standard to improve emissions and fuel economy whilst a specially designed engine bay cooling system ensures the effective running of the engine for maximum uptime and reliability. Also, high-performance electric options offer low maintenance, downtime-reducing features as well as benefit from AC technology as standard, putting Aisle Master at the forefront of battery-power in its sector.

Pedestrian Reach Stacker

The first purpose built four-way pedestrian reach stacker combining multi-directional visibility, travel, innovative features and effortless operation even in the most demanding environments. For the handling of lighter loads, many operations increasingly favour the use of pedestrian trucks or walkie reach stackers which offer a number of advantages over ride-on forklifts. In response the Combi-WR Walkie Reach stacker was released, the first purpose built four-way pedestrian reach stacker which combines multi-directional travel with innovative features.

When I first started investigating possible forklifts I initially thought of VNA man-up or reach trucks, but Greg Vooght of Westexe, our materials handling consultant, recommended the Aisle Master as he calculated that it could increase capacity by a third. I trust his advice and after visiting two local Aisle Master users I was immediately won over by its performance and versatility.
Tim Wigley
A further benefit is the design and finish of the Aisle Master – it not only performs well but it really looks good. As a supplier of high end products – we now have British Retail Consortium accreditation - a professional image is important, and this applies to our equipment too.
Tom Little
As pretty much every load is different in size, the hydraulic fork positioner saves the drivers having to repeatedly get in and out of the cab, saving time and effort. In the really busy months, particularly in the summer it’s a great advantage and keeps us running smoothly when we have a lot of orders to process and get out to customers.
Mr. Seigwasser
Having visited the Combilift Plant in February 2020 to review the ongoing design work on the Order Picker, I can confidently say that Combilift’s innovative passionate team produce machines to the highest quality. They have been committed to deliver a solution tailored to our Order Picking requirements, which will be an integral part of our expanding operations
Rewi Te Whatu