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Sustainability Aisle Master
Sustainability Aisle Master
Sustainability Aisle Master

Supporting Our
Customers' Sustainability

At Combilift, we’re committed to enhancing our customer’s sustainability efforts by providing them with environmental and economic value. All our material handling solutions have sustainability at their core. This means every Aisle Master is designed to maximise efficiency, storage capacity and improve safety. After all, a core element in the Aisle Master ethos is to help customers increase storage without the need to expand the size of their facility, leading to reduced energy usage and associated costs such as heating, lighting and maintenance.

We produce versatile forklift technologies that can fulfil multiple roles, inside and out, reducing fleet size, thus reducing carbon footprint. The carbon footprint can be further reduced by using electric forklifts, and our non-electric engines adhere to the strictest emissions and efficiency guidelines. In addition our solutions have a circular economy ethos at their core as 92% of the components used are recyclable. Plus, all our vehicles are over-engineered to extend the truck’s lifespan and reduce the costs associated with maintenance.

Your Roadmap to
Sustainable Warehousing

Understanding the available space in your warehouse and how it is currently being used is critical to incorporating a sustainable supply chain and making the greatest use of your storage unit. Before expanding your facilities or relocating to a larger location, why not explore space-saving strategies to optimise your existing footprint.

Narrowing your aisles and using higher pallet racks are two simple methods to take full advantage of your existing warehouse space. At Aisle Master, we offer a free warehouse planning consultancy service to help you visualise how you can gain this extra storage capacity and maximise your workflow efficiency. Get in touch with one of our optimisation experts today to see how we can help you get the most from your storage facility.

Green Production
Process & Facilities

We take control of our manufacturing process to ensure our operation is as sustainable as possible. As a commitment to our sustainable business philosophy, we have switched to water-based paints, dramatically reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that have a detrimental effect on the environment.

We have been certified to international quality and safety management standards. Our production facility has been awarded ISO 9001 international quality management system, ISO 14001 Environment Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.

We also strive to carry out sustainable procurement; a large proportion of our annual sourcing volume comes from suppliers in Ireland, many of whom have been with us since our inception in 1998, contributing to sustaining our local economy and reducing transport impacts.

At our headquarters located in rural Ireland, we continuously strive to recycle and reuse materials, conserve natural resources, and decrease our energy consumption. 

Employee Development

We understand that the most vital element contributing to our success is the welfare of our workforce. Therefore, we provide a wealth of training with upskilling programs and various health and wellbeing programs that enable continuous development within our team. As a testament to our investment in our employees, we have been recognised as a Deloitte Best Managed company for 8 consecutive years.

To facilitate our long-term sustainability, we are also committed to investing in the future workforce. We offer apprenticeship and traineeship programs that enable students to study engineering in a practical setting and achieve qualifications while they earn a wage.

We not only promote a culture of safety, respect and empowerment among our workers, but we also remain committed to the wider community. From supporting charitable initiatives to sponsoring our local Ladies GAA team, we are proud of our ingrained position in our community.

Our Commitment to the UNTM Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established in 2015, ask for global action from governments and companies to provide a life of dignity and opportunity for all people while also protecting our planet. These 17 SDGs outline worldwide sustainable development objectives and ambitions for 2030 and form an important part of our thinking in everything we do.

From keeping colleagues safe to ongoing education, from sustainable ways of working to ethical partnerships producing real benefits to the world we all live in, we see our active involvement in sustainable development as very much part of our identity and purpose as a global business.

The key SDGs we’re proud to being working on are:

Sustainability Aisle Master
Sustainability Aisle Master
Sustainability Aisle Master
Sustainability Aisle Master
Sustainability Aisle Master
When I first started investigating possible forklifts I initially thought of VNA man-up or reach trucks, but Greg Vooght of Westexe, our materials handling consultant, recommended the Aisle Master as he calculated that it could increase capacity by a third. I trust his advice and after visiting two local Aisle Master users I was immediately won over by its performance and versatility.
Tim Wigley
A further benefit is the design and finish of the Aisle Master – it not only performs well but it really looks good. As a supplier of high end products – we now have British Retail Consortium accreditation - a professional image is important, and this applies to our equipment too.
Tom Little
As pretty much every load is different in size, the hydraulic fork positioner saves the drivers having to repeatedly get in and out of the cab, saving time and effort. In the really busy months, particularly in the summer it’s a great advantage and keeps us running smoothly when we have a lot of orders to process and get out to customers.
Mr. Seigwasser
Having visited the Combilift Plant in February 2020 to review the ongoing design work on the Order Picker, I can confidently say that Combilift’s innovative passionate team produce machines to the highest quality. They have been committed to deliver a solution tailored to our Order Picking requirements, which will be an integral part of our expanding operations
Rewi Te Whatu