Avoiding Forklift Downtime: Three Steps to Avoid Costly Delays

Every warehouse professional knows that saving pennies on a forklift purchase but losing pounds and pounds due to downtime is a sure route to disastrous results.

That’s we advise all forklift users to watch out for three simple considerations when buying, running and maintaining forklifts.

Based on advice from industry-leading Aisle-Master engineers, here’s the essentials in brief…

1, Think local, think time: Ask how far a dealer is from your operation, how they can be contacted for help, if technicians personally trained by your choice of manufacturer are on hand and how long spare parts will take to be delivered from their location.

Does a dealer have access to rapid response technical back-up? Is a call out stand-by option available?

Thinking ahead to making every second count during any downtime means an audit of the who, what and how available to give support.

2, Look for service AND personal support: Since a forklift runs through the heart of your warehouse operation, ask who you will be dealing with in the event of support being needed.

Fast, personal contact with a dealership specialist and/ or a direct line to knowledgeable manufacturer experts should be the standard when a fast turnaround is vital.

3, A risk covered = a risk avoided: All Aisle Master products are backed by a 5-year or 5,000 hours parts warranty as standard designed. When choosing a forklift truck, check for both peace of mind created by a warranty and the low total cost of ownership delivered by the more predicable costs a warrantied vehicle can offer.

After all, choosing a warrantied product means a fast, reliable AND predictable supply of parts and service when it matters most.

Why Choose Aisle Master?

Aisle Master doesn’t just specialise in driving the best possible results from your warehouse – thanks to a free facility planning service and vehicles made in aisles as narrow as 1.6m wide AND 15m tall – but is designed to help keep your warehouse working hard for your business.

✓ Factory-trained dealer network technicians

✓ Phone or on-site technical suport

✓ Local and central (Ireland and NC) fast-response spare parts facilities

To find out more explore the renowned Aisle Master VNA (very narrow aisle) forklift truck or book a free warehouse planning review to visualise the benefits Aisle Master’s narrow aisle capacity could bring to your business.

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