How to Increase Warehouse Storage? Proven Approach Unlocks Up To 50% Increase

Would increased warehouse storage capacity mean better bottom line results for your business? Many businesses in Ireland, the UK and worldwide have been using a tried and tested method to drive savings in their warehouse operation by pairing:

1, A Free Facility Planning Service: Provided by a renowned warehousing equipment specialist Combilift, a free review includes racking layout proposals and storage density calculations to create the best possible performance from any warehouse.

2, The Aisle Master Very Narrow Aisles Articulated Forklift: An ability to work in aisles as narrow as 1.6m and 15m tall means a single multi-purpose truck and faster ‘truck to rack’ operations.

Increased Warehouse Storage with Aisle Master – How it Works

How to Increase Warehouse Storage? Proven Approach Unlocks Up To 50% Increase Aisle Master

Companies who have benefited from improved warehouse storage followed a simple Aisle Master process:

Warehouse planning to identify improvements: A complimentary service uses CAD design to find and show the capacity potential of a facility. Aisle Master specialists will provide layout proposals, site inspection and layout diagrams free of charge.

Leveraging the benefits of Aisle Master to work stronger, for longer, at a lower cost: Reduced aisle widths, electric or LPG options, outstanding driver preference due to superb stability and ease of use meets made-in-Ireland quality and full factory warranty.

Combining both the right planning and the right equipment adds up to a more efficient, higher-capacity warehouse with lower vehicle running costs and reduced driver fatigue.

“The Aisle Masters have enabled our merchandisers to make maximum use of space to get as many products in our stores, which means more sales, so payback is quickly achieved. Our first truck is still going strong which proves just how robust and reliable they are.”

 Tomasz Chudowolski, Group Purchasing Director, Castorama

Maintaining Increased Warehouse Storage – Your Business and Aisle Master

How to Increase Warehouse Storage? Proven Approach Unlocks Up To 50% Increase Aisle Master

Aisle Master offers direct support based on manufacturer Combilift’s decades of experience providing high quality, innovative material handling solutions from its headquarters in Ireland.

A low total cost of ownership is achieved for users thanks to a 5-year or 5,000 hours parts warranty as standard. Factory-trained, on-call engineers are available for expert support on site while dealers also have direct access to factory specialists for technical back-up.

Although help is available by phone or in-person, every Aisle Master representative is a proven problem-solver with a commitment to reducing downtime.

To find out more about Aisle Master’s free warehouse planning service or cost-saving VNA articulated forklift contact a Combilift HQ specialist here.

“We trialled a number of brands but factors such as robust build and design quality and the Aisle Master manufacturer’s willingness to tailor aspects of the trucks to our individual requirements made it the only viable contender. We have also been able to reduce our overall forklift fleet down from seven to six which fits in well with our company’s lean management strategy which aims to remove non value added equipment from the business.”

Craig Wilkins, Warehouse and Value Stream Manager Manitowoc Fluorescein

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