IMHX 2019

15,000th  Combilift product for the UK

Combilift is exhibiting its 15,000th product for a UK customer on its stand at IMHX. Around a third of all units manufactured so far by Combilift in Monaghan have been shipped to the UK, confirming CEO and Co-founder Martin McVicar’s assertion that this country has always been, still is and will remain the most important market for Combilift amongst the 85 countries to which it exports.

The model in question is an Aisle Master articulated truck, supplied by Combilift dealer Briggs Equipment to its customer Nestlé, a leading brand in the food sector that hardly needs an introduction. Directly after the show the Aisle Master, with its striking silver livery, will be delivered to Nestlé’s site in Sudbury in Suffolk. Nestlé already uses a number of Aisle Masters and Combi-CS pedestrian stackers in its manufacturing and warehousing facilities in multiple locations in the country to handle its wide range of food and confectionery products.

The Aisle Master is an electric powered 15NE model and is fitted with a Lithium-Ion battery – a choice that Combilift now offers as an option on a number of its models for customers wishing to benefit from this technology.

A spokesperson from Briggs Equipment said: “ Nestlé wanted to increase storage capacity at the site in Sudbury and following the successful performance of the company’s other Combilift products, the Aisle Mast 15NE model was the logical choice. We are also proud to be the suppliers of this 15,000th unit from Combilift into the UK.”


Combi-CSS: Loads a 20’ container in three minutes

On the outside stand in front of Hall 17 Combilift is premiering its Container Slip-Sheet (Combi-CSS), at IMHX, which is designed for quicker, more efficient and safer mechanised loading of products (particularly long ones) into containers. This addresses the challenges associated with the combination of forklifts and manual labour often required for this application

Since the Combi-CSS was unveiled  at the official opening of the new factory in 2018 the original model has undergone some modifications, and the exhibit at IMHX can be connected directly onto the back of a trailer for an even quicker turnaround.

The patented Combi-CSS features a dual-directional patented hydraulic pulling mechanism, on which a Hardox 500 steel sheet rests. It has a capacity of 30,000kg  and allows a full load of product to be prepared and loaded onto a 20’ container in just three minutes (and six for a 40’ container).

Once loaded, the sheet is guided into the container by four hydraulic cylinders moving in sequence. Hydraulic pins on the ends of the cylinders move up, fitting into holes cut into the sheet to secure it, while the cylinders pull the sheet forward, ensuring safe loading by just one operator without any risk of product damage.

When the goods are fully loaded within the container, a hydraulic rear barrier gate, fixed to the end of the platform, swings across the container opening and is locked in place across the entire width of the platform. This holds the material within the container while the metal sheet is slipped out from underneath it.


Combi-PPT high capacity powered pallet truck

The Combi-PPT powered pallet truck, which won the Safety Category of the 2019 FLTA Awards, is on show for the first time at a UK event. This is a further addition to Combilift’s growing pedestrian range, and comes with standard lift capacities of 3,000kg to 6,000kg, with higher lifts up to 16,000kg available on request. The IMHX exhibit is a 5,000kg capacity model.

Many companies favour walk behind models when possible as these are considered to ensure a higher level of safety where other members of the workforce are present – in busy areas of manufacturing facilities for example. The Combi-PPT includes the unique, patented multi-position tiller arm common to all Combilift’s pedestrian models – a feature which has been nominated as a  finalist in this year’s BITA Design4Safty Awards, hosted by IMHX. This enables the operator to stand at the side of the unit rather than at the rear (as is the case with other walk behind brands), giving excellent visibility of even the heaviest and bulkiest loads and their surroundings. This position also eliminates any possibility of crush risk when working in confined areas and prevents product damage.


 Aisle Master 15NE

The new 2020 production model of 15NE (Narrow Electric) Aisle Master with 1,500kg capacity will also be on show for the first time. This model has an in-line drive axle so that it can operate more efficiently in small aisles, enabling aisle widths to be shrunk to a minimum. It is the smallest articulated narrow aisle  truck on the market.  Some features are as follows:

  • Patented over-articulated steering system – European Patent Number 3008008.
  • 850mm wide front axle with co-axial drive motor for superior aisle performance.
  • Dual bearing mast support system provides excellent mast rigidity.
  • Compact mast top bearing with fibre-glass cover giving optimal frontal visibility.
  • Ergonomic operator’s control console complete with arm rest.
  • Operator’s position accessible from both sides.
  • New overhead guard with hi-visibility aperture for product placing and retrieval.


C4000 Gen 4 model

The first ever Combilift launched in 1998 – the C4000 – is now in its fourth generation and incorporates a Deutz diesel engine. All the latest Combilift models meet current diesel emission regulations without having DPF filter, minimising maintenance costs. This new C4000 model has many visual & operational enhancements such as hydraulic drive hoses to rear wheel which never need to rotate, and an increased steering rotation angle of the two front wheels using Combilift’s new steering system (UK Patent Application No: 1803601.2).


C8000 ET electric 8t model

Combilift continues to add to its range of electric models and this is reflected in the number of electric powered exhibits on the stand at this year’s IMHX. Following its launch at the German LogiMAT show in March, UK visitors can now see the C8000 ET – an 8,000kg capacity electric powered multidirectional forklift.