Warehousing Industry Celebrates 10 Years of Aisle Master in Sri Lanka

It’s been 10 years since the fundamental design of warehousing was revolutionised in Sri Lanka. A whole new concept in warehousing design was conceptualised and implemented on July 7th 2011, defying the existing norms and mindsets prevalent at the time.

Total warehousing solutions (better known by its acronym TWS) partnered with Combilift of the Republic of Ireland. The core benefit of cubic meter density was impacted for the better, albeit silently. The bar has now been raised perinatally. To the layman, less familiar with such nuances, a concise explanation is in order.

Warehousing Industry Celebrates 10 Years of Aisle Master in Sri Lanka Aisle Master

Forty Years ago, customers either demanded premium quality at a premium price or mediocrity at the lowest price. The last two and a half decades have changed the paradigm. They now seek world-class quality at the lowest possible cost. The global scale of competition kept forcing businesses to continually lower their prices/costs. How could costs be kept low? Higher volumes (quantities) were the answer. Higher volumes cant be sold in the same month they are produced Thus packing more into less space became a game-changer. In the industry, That’s called higher cubic meter density. 

TWS achieved the above result by narrowing the aisle width (the gap between storage racks) to accommodate more rack positions in a given space. Cargo density was further enhanced by utilising the unused space above the floor! The standard conventional Reach trucks used at the time could not cope with narrower aisles or storage at greater heights. Enter: the Aisle-Master, which could operate in spaces as narrow as 1.8m and lifting capacities up to 15m.

TWS and Aisle-Master (Combilift) proudly celebrate a decade of excellence and achievement not just directly in terms of transformational solutions to their own clients but also indirectly, by impacting solutions offered by all service providers in the industry. As true leaders do, TWS/Combilift look now to the future and continue to design solutions of the future, rising above the tide of uncertainty in the murky covid waters of tomorrow’s business world.

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