Choosing a Pedestrian Truck? Read This First

Solved! This Pedestrian Truck Innovation Has Transformed Warehouse Safety

A game-changing truck feature credited with removing the risk of forklift rear side pedestrian crushing is among the benefits warehouse operators have been leveraging by switching to a state of the art ‘walkie’ warehouse truck.

The innovation, the multi-position patented tiller arm developed by Aisle Master parent company Combilift, delivers 100% effectiveness against crushing behind a forklift.

Particularly in operations such as DIY stores where ‘foot traffic’ throughput is hard to avoid, warehouse owners who’ve upgraded to high-spec pedestrian forklift trucks have seen further game-changing benefits for their facility.

Read on to discover how the pedestrian truck designs deliver this unmissable safety benefit plus some unmissable advantages over traditional vehicles.

Pedestrian Truck Benefits: The Combilift Tiller Arm

Ultimately, 2022 is a step change for warehouse safety in general, even beyond the removal of the rear-side crushing risk, as the choice of pedestrian forklift vehicles designed around both safety and efficiency is better than ever.

The features to look for in a pedestrian or walkie pallet truck won’t just mitigate the risk of rear side pedestrian injury but offer a host of other benefits besides:

• Reduced tail swing: Tail swing, a major source of forklift accidents, is no longer necessary in small to medium-sized warehouses. Modern pedestrian reach stackers and powered pallet trucks do not feature tail swing, therefore pedestrians cannot be caught out by a sudden change in the position of part of the truck.• Operator awareness: Nothing makes a driver more aware of pedestrians in the warehouse than being a pedestrian!

• Visibility: The clear 360 degree view offered by a pedestrian vehicle removes  the ’blind spots’ often found when using traditional forklifts. Plus, clearer visibility reduces the likelihood of pallet collisions or falling objects.

The case, therefore, for a pedestrian truck in any warehouse where pedestrian foot traffic is expected is extremely compelling. But the benefits go beyond safety.

Pedestrian Truck Benefits: Advantages Beyond SafetyH2

Choosing a Pedestrian Truck? Read This First Aisle Master

The latest walkie trucks, specifically the Combi-CS Counterbalance Stacker, Combi WR Walkie Reach Stacker and Combi PPT Powered Pallet Truck are purpose-designed for not just safety but efficiency too.

They offer:

• User friendly operation: Easy and stress-free thanks to superb ergonomics and simple two-speed option to suit the operator’s experience.

• Easier training: A quick and straightforward learning curve makes training easier than ever.

• Better bottom line results: Through greater efficiency and higher productivity, better use of space and lower operating costs.

• Flexible built options: Covering design, safety, comfort and more.

Superb support: Thanks to an extensive, global servicing network built around factory-trained expertise.

Questions? Simply contact a member of the Aisle Master team for assistance. They’ve been trusted by warehouse operators in over 85 countries (and counting!) for help to deliver a safer, more efficient warehouse.

Pedestrian Truck Benefits: Which Vehicle?

The very latest, purpose-designed walkie trucks each have unique benefits for warehouse operations.

Three vehicles to assess as part of any warehouse upgrade plan should include:

Combi-CS Counterbalance Stacker: 850 kg – 2000kg capacity, patented multi-position tiller arm and rear wheel drive design.
Combi WR Walkie Reach Stacker: Works in a standard VNA working aisle, down to 2.1m, with effortless fingertip controls and multi-position tiller arm.
Combi PPT Powered Pallet Truck: Both stand-on and walk behind operation and patented rotating tiller arm for a responsive driving experience.
Questions? Simply contact a member of the Aisle Master team for assistance. They’ve been trusted by warehouse operators in over 85 countries (and counting!) for help to deliver a safer, more efficient warehouse.

Choosing a Pedestrian Truck: How We Can Help

Choosing a Pedestrian Truck? Read This First Aisle Master
Image: Post Warehouse Planning Service

Aisle Master can assist, supply and support your purchase of a walkie truck.

And to make your investment work hard for your business, a renowned warehouse planning service means help to understand your bigger picture is easy to access and at no charge. Find a range of case studies showing superbly successful warehouse optimization projects here.

Plus, to help maintain an efficient and cost-effective warehouse with reduced downtime every Aisle Master vehicle is supported by:

• Superb parts access: Major parts distribution warehouses are located strategically, often delivering parts anywhere in Europe and the US within 24 hours. However, common replacement parts are also available from local suppliers.

• Technical support where you need it: A worldwide dealer network means factory-trained Aisle Master engineers can be found close to hand across the globe. The result? Less downtime for your operation.

Find out more about the full range of Aisle Master trucks – including benefits, spec and options – here.

A safer, more efficient warehouse starts here!  Simple ask one of our specialists. We’re here to help.

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Pedestrian Truck FAQs

What is a pedestrian truck?

A pedestrian forklift truck is simply a truck operated from a standing, non-mounted position alongside or behind the vehicle.

What is a Multi-Position Tiller Arm?

The multi-position tiller arm is a patented Combilift safety and control innovation giving the operator the ability to stand to the side of the vehicle with 100% visibility.

What is a narrow aisle truck?

A narrow aisle warehouse truck can be operated in aisles as narrow as 1.6m, meaning more racking (and, therefore, more capacity) can be fitted.

What is a pedestrian stacker?

A pedestrian stacker – such as a Combi-WR – is a ‘walkie’ forklift truck with a safe, secure reach height designed for handling pallets stored in racking.

What is a walkie truck?

A walkie truck, another name for a pedestrian truck, is a forklift with no cab operated from alongside the vehicle.

How high do pedestrian pallet trucks lift?

A Combi-CS Counterbalance Stacker has a lift height of 98”.

What weight is an electric pallet truck?

A 8,000kg capacity Combi PPT HC Powered Pallet Truck, unladen with no battery, has a weight of 2,225kg.

What types of pallet truck drives are there?

For safety and efficiency, Combilift pallet trucks are available with electric power meaning a clean, safe and low maintenance power source.

Who can repair my pedestrian truck?

Combilift and Aisle Master trucks are supported by a worldwide dealership network.

What should I look for when buying a pedestrian truck?

A multi-directional tiller arm, introduced as a patented feature for Combilift walkie tricks, is a highly recommended feature.