Simply safer, pedestrian reach stackers and powered pallet trucks

An economical and safe option for picking and load handling in tight spaces. AISLE MASTER’s range of pedestrian stackers is crammed with innovative and user-friendly features, including our Patented Multi-Position Tiller Arm. With lift capacities up to 32,000Ibs, the Pedestrian Range can cater for anything from small storerooms to medium-sized warehouses and specialist applications.

Pedestrian Range Aisle Master

Combi-CS Counterbalance Stacker

Pedestrian Range Aisle Master

Combi WR Walkie Reach Stacker

Pedestrian Range Aisle Master

Combi PPT Powered Pallet Truck

Safe operation in the narrowest of aisles

Excellent ergonomics mean all models in the pedestrian range are easy and stress-free to operate. The unique patented multi-position tiller enables push-button rotation of the rear wheel, allowing the operator to remain at the side of the unit, the safest possible position when placing and picking in NARROW AISLEs.

Each model in the pedestrian range provides safer operation by providing full visibility of the load and forks, while maintaining full steering control, allowing the user greater awareness of their surroundings which enhances overall safety. Their compact dimensions combined with pantograph reach fork allow you to work in aisle widths as narrow as 7ft.


Feature packed with Innovative Technology

For the handling of lighter loads, many operations increasingly favour the use of pedestrian trucks or walkie reach stackers which offer much greater safety and picking efficiency, particularly in situations where there may be a high footfall such as DIY stores.

The Aisle Master pedestrian range is packed full of award-winning technology designed to help you carry out operations as safely as possible. Popular options include side shift and tilting fork carriage functions to ensure easy picking and placing in narrow aisles.


User Friendly, Safer Warehouse

Excellent ergonomics make all models in the pedestrian range easy and stress-free to operate. 2-speed operation provides the ability to adjust travel speeds to suit the level of the operator’s experience.

The unique patented multi-position tiller enables the operator to remain at the side of the unit, the safest possible position when placing and picking in narrow aisles. This eliminates the risk of being crushed against racking, improves forward visibility and greatly reduces the risk of incidents in tight confines.

It is very easy and quick to train operators to use the walkie reach range. Easy operation gives greater efficiency and higher productivity resulting in better use of space and lower operating costs.

Pedestrian Range Aisle Master

Innovative Technology

Incorporating the benefits of AC technology in its traction, pump and steering motors, the Combi-WR has a Lift height that can be tailored to your application with load capacities up to 4,400Ibs for reach stacker and 32,000Ibs for powered pallet trucks. Electronic Power Steering and fingertip controls ensure effortless operation, even in the most demanding environments.

Build Options

All machines can be customized to perfectly suit your application thanks to a range of build options covering design, safety, comfort and much more. Simply CONTACT an Aisle Master specialist to discuss.

Aftercare & Warranty

Aisle Master pedestrian trucks are backed by an extensive Service & parts warranty as standard, giving peace of mind across the life of a truck and ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership.

Having visited the Combilift Plant in February 2020 to review the ongoing design work on the Order Picker, I can confidently say that Combilift’s innovative passionate team produce machines to the highest quality. They have been committed to deliver a solution tailored to our Order Picking requirements, which will be an integral part of our expanding operations
Rewi Te Whatu
As pretty much every load is different in size, the hydraulic fork positioner saves the drivers having to repeatedly get in and out of the cab, saving time and effort. In the really busy months, particularly in the summer it’s a great advantage and keeps us running smoothly when we have a lot of orders to process and get out to customers.
Mr. Seigwasser
A further benefit is the design and finish of the Aisle Master – it not only performs well but it really looks good. As a supplier of high end products – we now have British Retail Consortium accreditation - a professional image is important, and this applies to our equipment too.
Tom Little
When I first started investigating possible forklifts I initially thought of VNA man-up or reach trucks, but Greg Vooght of Westexe, our materials handling consultant, recommended the Aisle Master as he calculated that it could increase capacity by a third. I trust his advice and after visiting two local Aisle Master users I was immediately won over by its performance and versatility.
Tim Wigley