Is An Electric Forklift Right for Your Operation?

Unmissable Electric Forklift Benefits Every Warehouse Professional Should Consider

Choosing an electric forklift unlocks advantages – including efficiency and sustainability benefits – we believe every materials handling professional should consider before choosing their next vehicle.

Let’s take a ‘quick read’ look at reasons why an electric vehicle, or fleet, could mean a better warehouse for your business…

Electric Forklifts: Clear, Simple Advantage

Firstly, a quick introduction: we’ve helped companies around the world with smarter warehouse layout planning – a free service – and have supplied almost 60,000 vehicles (each purpose-made to perform in smaller spaces) across the globe too.

In short, we know materials handling and warehouse efficiency.

Our team members (who welcome your questions – just ask!) often recommend electric vehicles for some very clear reasons:

• Bottom line savings: As benefits go, the fuel costs and maintenance costs of an electric forklift like the Aisle Master AC Electric could speak for themselves. When the main cost factors are calculated your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for each type of forklift, in the context of your particular needs, may well show that an electric vehicle has the advantage budget-wise.

• Environmental benefits: Consultants Deloitte discovered that head-turning 45% of consumers under 24 years of age had stopped buying a particular brand because of ethical or sustainability concerns. Meanwhile 32% of all consumers were actively adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. This shows that, aside from simply doing the right thing, many customers will be interested to know that a choice of electric has been made for forklift vehicles and will support that decision.

• Health and safety advantages: No exhaust fumes mean there’s no need for mitigations like extra ventilation. And because an electric forklift won’t idle when not in use you’ll have removed the noise, waste and health aspect of vehicles on standby too.

All in all, it has also been known for many years that a more sustainable operation brings clear benefits to a business. As far back as 2011, a survey in the USA found that 92% of those taking part said “companies believe that sustainable initiatives have the potential to save money and resources.”

In 2021 we now have countless proven, working examples of this ethos in action. To find out more simply ask a member of the Aisle Master team about creating a more efficient, sustainable, high-performance warehouse.

Electric Forklifts: Common Questions Answered

Businesses around the world have trusted Aisle Master to help with their journey towards a smarter warehouse.

Questions we often hear (and are happy to answer!) include:

Which forklift is better between electric and combustion?

It’s mostly a simple question of vehicle cost + maintenance cost + fuel cost, but don’t forget to factor in the environmental benefits as well as the health and safety factors like emissions in the workplace.

Are electric forklifts any good?

Electric forklifts boast the latest technological advances, ergonomic designs and low maintenance features meaning that Electric power should be a serious consideration when planning to purchase any new forklift.

Can you leave an electric forklift charging overnight?

Yes, a charge time of 8 hours for an Aisle Master AC Electric forklift truck and automatic charge cut off means you can take advantage of any reduced overnight tarrifs available in your area.

Do electric forklifts require fire extinguishers?

No – although you might find it good practice to keep one to hand for the operator in or around the vehicle case of a fire in the working area.

What voltage is an electric forklift?

The voltage of an electric forklift battery will vary but our Aisle Master AC Electric uses a high-performance 48v battery.

Can I run an electric forklift from a generator?

In theory yes, but you might want to consider the efficiency of a generator as a source vs an electric supply.

How much does an electric forklift cost to charge?

This is a complex calculation involving factors like the amp hour of the battery, the voltage of the battery and the local electricity cost itself – Aisle Master will be glad to help you assessing these – but a budget of around £5.00 / $7.20 / €6.00 can be used as a very broad estimate.

How long does an electric forklift take to charge?

Taking the latest battery technology in the Aisle Master AC Electric as an example, you can complete a full charge in under 8 hours.

Sustainable Warehouse Efficiency – Free Support

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A free, complete warehouse planning service including racking proposals and storage density calculations is available here. We’ll also be happy to help you assess the right truck, or trucks, for your needs.

Questions? Simply ask one of our specialists. We’re here to help.

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